Multiple values in a dropdown list filter doesn't work

Greetings! I'm new in the metabase community, that's my first topic here. So I need some help with my filters. First of all, I tried to use field filters, but I can't do it, cause I always had an error like "Something went wrong", after that, I use simple variables to do the filter in SQL query. This is the query:
SEC_TO_TIME(AVG(TIMESTAMPDIFF(hour, leads.created_at, leads.paid_at) * 3600)), "%H:%i") "any_name"
FROM leads
LEFT JOIN leads_types ON leads.type =
WHERE {{date_range}}
[[AND leads.state IN ({{state}})]]
[[AND IN ({{insur_type}})]]

Note that "date_range" variable is a field filter, "state" and "insur_type" are text variables.

Finaly, I just need that filter "state" and "insur_type" show for the user a checkbox list with all the possible values in this fiel (column), like this:

But when I putit in a question as a filter it doesn't work:

Well, that is all, and I hope to be useful to be helped, Tks for help!

which version are you using?