Multiple visualizations for 1 query

I have a single query that results in multiple columns. Is it possible to create a visualization for each columns?

For example, my query results in a daily view of my company’s financials.
| Date | Revenue | Profit | Cost |

I want to create 3 separate visualizations from this that shows the daily revenue, daily profit and daily costs.

Hi @marklee
No, currently Metabase does support multiple visualizations from a single question, but you can take advantage of Nested Queries and make three questions based on your first query.
Go and upvote this issue, by clicking the :+1: on the first post:

@flamber - is it possible to populate multiple visualizations from a single query run? ie. Will nested queries trigger separate runs? Or point to a cached result of the source query?

For reference, a recent thread reading the topic.

This setup would help reduce problems around concurrency.

@ahowar02 If you use caching and Saved Questions, then it will look in the cache first, if there’s a valid cache.
You can change the amount of connections in the pool:

@flamber - Is it possible to cache specific queries? Or is turning on caching an all-or-nothing approach?

@ahowar02 That would require some manual tweaking, where you change the TTL for the question.
Have a look in this issue and the referenced issues - and search the forum for the same issues: