My team is having problems to login to Metabase through their Google+ accounts

Hi, we can’t login to Metabase. I am the only one able to login because I log in with my email and password, but the rest of my team they used to login through their Google+ account and they can’t do it anymore please help. The name of our company is Youtily.

Hello Gabriela -

Can you try logging in with a Google account and seeing if there are any error messages in either the Javascript console or in the server logs? (Information about how to access these can be found at (forgive the formatting, as this guide is still a work in progress)

Hi Sameer, Thank you for your reply, it seems that yesterday something was going on with Metabase and my team wasn’t able to login. It seems that it is working today, thank you for your help!

That sounds like something strange going on with your google domain. If it comes up again, try to get a sample of the error logs so we can find a way to provide better error messages.

Glad it’s working again!

Excellent, thank you for your help Sameer. Have a nice weekend :).