Namespace levels

Hello everyone,

I have database set up like this:

  • db.namespace1.table1
  • db.namespace1.table2
  • db.namespace2.table1

When I click 'Our data' I have "db" with purple hamburger icon and inside I have three elements called "namespace1.table1", "namespace1.table2", "namespace2.table1" with blue bricks icons.

Is it possible to somehow structure it in Metabase UI with one more layer with "namespace1" and "namespace2" as 'folders'?

This is Hive/Spark SQL and I can access the API and manipulate the calls if necessary.

Hi @aaa
If you return "namespace" as a schema, then Metabase will organize with an extra level.
I don't know Hive and how it returns information or structures anything, so I cannot tell you if that is possible or not with Hive.