I am new in implementing native query in Spring boot microservices.
Am trying to implement Spring Data JPA Join in my app.
Query query = em.createQuery("SELECT c.Id FROM CustAccReqRes ca,CustInfoReqRes c "
+ "WHERE ca.customerAccountNumber = :custAccntNo AND "
+ "ca.customerAccountId = c.customerId");

query.setParameter("custAccntNo", customerNo);

this is working perfectly.
But when I use
Query query = em.createNativeQuery("SELECT c.nacnt_nbr FROM AliasResponse a,CustAccReqRes c "
+ " WHERE a.aliasKey.ncalias_id=:aliasid AND a.aliasKey.ncalias_id_type = :aliastype "
+ "AND a.aliasKey.ncalias_id_issuer = :aliasissuer AND "
+ "a.customerAccountId= c.customerAccountId");
here it is showing ERROR: relation "aliasresponse" does not exist
Please help me to resolve this


Hi @drd
You should ask your question in a forum dedicated to Spring or try