Necessary effort for supporting Microsoft SQL Server as the application database

I am evaluating Metabase for use on our production deployments. On all of them we already have Microsoft SQL Server, so it would be nice if we could use it for Metabase as well. However, as far as I understand, Metabase cannot currently do so.

Still, being able to do so would simplify deployment, and hence be valuable to us. What kind of effort would be necessary to implement this support? If it would be low enough, I think it might be feasible for us to work on it.

I already had a cursory glance at both Metabase code and the list of opened issues, but I'd have to spend much more time to understand the code base before I could put an estimate.

Hi @zoove
There's an issue open about it: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
It would be considerable effort to implement it.
It would require loading the driver as one of the core drivers, then a MSSQL database would have to be setup in the CI environment, so migrations tests was performed on it.
And then every time we create a new migration, we would likely need to write specialized queries for MSSQL, just like what is needed sometimes for the three other databases.

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I see. I must have missed the ticket you linked, even though I believe I typed most of the words from its title…

To be honest, I hoped that given that Metabase is capable of using 3 different databases already, adding a fourth one would be easier.

Thank you for your opinion!