Need additional setup step

I am building a new driver plugin into Dremio. I managed to get a successful connection to complete setup step #2

However, unlink most databases, it is not enough to connect to Dremio. The user also needs to be able to see a list of available datasets in Dremio. And the user needs to be able to select the dataset or datasets [from that list] that he wants to query against. Otherwise, without the ability to select a dataset, the user will only see an empty dashboard and an empty database, like the 2 screenshots below.

What I need then, is the ability to add an additional step in the Setup process between step 2 (Add your data) and step 3 (Usage data preferences), where the user will see a list of available datasets and be able to select from that list.

Does this ability to customize the setup steps exist now?
Can it be built for this purpose?
Is there an alternative solution to meet this requirement?

Hi @reydavid :wave:

There’s not the ability to add a custom step in there currently, but typically what you would do is add an input for the user to be able to specify the dataset(s) they want to connect to.

This would be an arbitrary text box where the user would type in the specific dataset. Here’s an example from the BigQuery driver:

This information is defined in the metabase-plugin.yaml file (you can see the BigQuery one here. You can then see in the BigQuery driver that when describe-database is called, it uses the dataset-id to list tables from that specific dataset. I presume you’d have to do something similar in Dremio.

Hope that’s helpful!


Thanks, @dacort. I will try that out.