Need driver for Sybase ASE 11, 12, 15

Hi there,

First time i do this so, please forgive me if im not too clear

We have been trying metabase and its a really great tool, we use postgresql in general, but we have the need to connect metabase to Sybase ASE 11, 12, and perhaps 15, we have taken a look at developing our own driver but Clojure isnt a languaje we know at all in our company, found some very old attempts to merge a driver into metabase but couldnt move from there as its on version 0.29.3

So we are looking for Help developing the driver or a developer interested in developing it giving us an estimate of the price of development.

Thx in advance.

You and I are in the same situation. As a work around, I'm using MS SQL Server linked servers to get around the lack of Sybase ASE driver support in Metabase. Quick to mention is some work as you need to create views from the linked tables and then connect using MS SQL server.

Thank you for your reply, in the end we migrated the tables with pentaho pdi as they are from sybase to postgres and then do the connection to such postgres.