Need Help On Pulse scheduling


I am able to successfully schedule the pulse which shows the scheduled pulse in IST . But i receive the mail in UTC. like if a schedule a pulse at 12 PM , i will get mail at 6PM.
I am passing the ‘Asia/Calcutta’ as the environment variable while running the jar and my system time zone is in IST and application database time zone is IST.
I am in Metabase 0.32.0.
Connection to MYSQL 5.6 and Maria Db.
Centos 7

Please have a look at the below screen shots .

Please notice the times in marked in arrow.

The logs you’re pointing to are correct, since they’re showing Zulu time, which is GMT.
Check the new Troubleshooting via Settings > Admin. It can help finding more specific logs.
EDIT: Which database are you using as the Metabase internal storage?

Hi @flamber,
Thanks for the quick response .
I am using Mariadb for Metabase internal storage which has a system/database time zoneis IST .
And even troubleshooting logs are also coming in GMT.

Even though system and database report zones are in IST,
pulse and troubleshooting logs are in GMT:confused:.

Well, the pulse shouldn’t be in GMT, since it clearly states that it’s using the selected timezone, so that would be an error.
As for the logs, that’s a visual issue. Most computer systems store data in GMT and then convert-on-display based on timezone.

So you’re setting java -jar metabase.jar -Duser.timezone='Asia/Calcutta' ... and your system timezone is IST and both your databases are configured to IST
What about Report Timezone in Metabase? Admin > Settings > General

Also have a look at this issue and try to make some tests to figure out if it is an error in Metabase or just a bad configuration somewhere in your setup:

Hi @flamber,

I have selected the Default database system time zone.  Even after setting that into Asia/Calcutta i am not able to get the pulse @ IST.

Okay let me go through the link and thanks for the reference .

Unless you’ve imported timezones into MariaDB, then you should be seeing errors about timezone in MariaDB and it will be logged in Metabase too.
Make sure to keep an eye on all your logs.

Hi @flamber,

Ya . Sure

Thanks :slight_smile: