Need Improved Ability to Link Out to Public Questions/Dashboards with Click Behavior

Observed in 0.38.0 and 0.40.1.

I currently have a public dashboard set up that includes several filters. I want users to be able to click a card on the dashboard and be taken to a public question with some filter values brought over.

This is currently achievable with Click Behavior, but it has some caveats.

I can set up the card to bring filters over to the question if I'm not using the public/shared version. This works well, and is what I will probably have to do in practice. However, I would rather not give users a login even if I restrict the login as much as possible.

I'd much rather send the user to the public version of the question. Now, before you say that I can already do this by using the Custom URL option, I have tried that. And it works. BUT only if each filter has one value.

If a text filter is given multiple values, then it's sent to the question as a comma separated list, which the question cannot understand. No results display.

I think it has been said before, but it would be nice to have the Question/Dashboard destination default to the public/shared version if starting on a public/shared dashboard. Barring that, I would like the ability to bring up multiple value filters to a public question.

you can pass multiple parameters to a dashboard in the way of parameter1=value1&parameter1=value2& ... &parameter1=valueN but I get the point.

Try searching for a github request about this and if there is none, create one, we always welcome new feature requests )

Thank you!

I couldn't find my issue on Github, so I submitted it,

I'm fairly new to the Metabase community, so I'm still getting my bearings.

FWIW, I had also thought about what you suggest as an alternative, but there is no guarantee of the number of values any one filter may use. One user may want to bring over 3 values, another may have 20.