Need the distribution of each field

Why do some report nodes have the distribution of each field when pivoting this table, that is, the group by of each fieldBut some tables have only one total record number. How is this controlled?If I need the distribution of each field, that is, group by, how should I set it

Hi @utopian
I don't think I understand. Can you explain with a screenshot or in a different way?

I hope the X-ray function of each table is available, that is, it can automatically generate some statistical analysis charts.However, I found that there is only one record number in some tables. How can I set it so that the X-ray function of metabase can automatically generate the statistical analysis chart of each field?

@utopian The X-ray code tries its best to automagically create meaningful results from your data, but that's not always possible. You should do it manually instead of X-ray.