Need to create a filter Called search by

Hi, I need to create a filter. When I'll click on the filter it will show a blank cell(Screenshot attached). And when I start typing it It will show suggestions.

Please note that It will only show suggestions when I start typing. Not before that.

How Can I do this?

Hi @shaonyuvi
Have a look here:

Hi, I converted as category from datamodel.

The issue When I use String it showing the value before start typing. Can you look again?

Please check this screenshot, the filter showing values before start typing.

@shaonyuvi It also says:

... and Filtering on this field to “A list of all values.”

Please look again, Why on question showing a dropdown list and another question the list when start typing?

Both filters used Category column and filter as String.

@shaonyuvi Please read the documentation again:

Thanks for the answer. The filter is now working fine.