Need to display all data in filter widgets using category field filter

I have around 900 distinct data in a column, whose type I have set to category. Used the same from native a SQL editor as a field filter. Everything works fine. I just need to display all data in filter widgets instead of text box. What I understand there is a condition of count less than 300 …In the code base. I want to modify it and make it 1000 and do my own build. Please provide some hint which file to edit and how to proceed with build what stack needed to be in my local m/c , অন windows

First advice would be to give up trying to develop using Windows. I’m 100% Windows here, but still used Ubuntu in a VM for Metabase work. If you’re running Windows 8 or later, you have HyperV.
This was the first time I used Ubuntu, but it wasn’t that bad.

After that, I can only point you to:

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No need to modify anything — we’re releasing a big update to how this works in Metabase 0.29, where instead of a text box you’ll now get a search box with autocomplete if there are more than 100 distinct values.



Any hint when this release is scheduled? Would plan accordingly.
Thanks for replying.
Also I need to bring up cascading filters (as drop-down) on my dashboard/questions. Any way to achieve that or it is also planned in upcoming release?