Needed: SAML/JWT Assistance


After spending an embarrassing amount of time trying to embed Metabase in my SPA, I'm officially tapping out.

Setting up interactive embeds and WT/SAML SSO was straightforward, but configuring the two within a single SPA has melted my brain. After speaking to MB Support, it seems that despite SAML/JWT SSO being a selling point of the pro/ent plan, virtually no SAML-based customers have indicated use of/interest in full embeds.

I'm looking to pay someone to provide an actual config document (or zoom walk-thru) supporting token-based embeds within a SAML-secured SPA, preferably using nextjs-auth0. If it's not possible due to CORS/CSRF conflicts, I would appreciate any alternatives.

As for rate, I'm already thousands into this mess, so whatever sounds fair...

All the best,

hey, we talked on a call and took the case to the team. We won't be able to pull together a SAML code example for the time being.

In case you want to go back to the JWT flow, we're willing to help as much as we can on that side to take it to the finish line