Nested question dashboard filter issues

I am using version 0.45.1

I have a native sql question (Question A) which has field filter variables in it like date, ( not required). I am creating a question (Question B) which uses Question A as the source. When I add Question B to a dashboard and try to add a date filter there are no available options in the drop down. I am expecting to be able to access the field filter variables in Question A.

I am also seeing identical behavior when trying to do the same thing with regular questions instead of sql questions.

Is the issue I am describing the same as this issue below?

If so, when I attempt the workaround described there are still "no valid fields" to select for the dashboard filter in "Question B".

Thank you

Yes, you're seeing that issue. The workaround might not work anymore as it was from a previous version (I don't know, I haven't tried). Is there a way you can transform your questions to GUI questions?