Nested question in subcollection metabase

Hi, there! I want to suggest to metabase allow us to use nested questions based on questions inside a subcollection of a collection (That is, “Our data -> My collection -> My Subcollection -> Question”. Currently (0.31.0) it doesn’t seem to be possible.

Hi @lucas.lima
On 0.32.7 I can see the sub-collection, but it’s actually listed in the parent tree - even though it’s “Our data > Admin’s Personal Collection > Sub-collection”
So I would call that I bug - I haven’t found an open issue, but I’m still searching.

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HM… at least you can see it. For me, it simply doesn’t show up, either in parent level, or under it. Gonna have to upgrade to get it, then :frowning:

Did you refresh the browser? Certain changes in the interface doesn’t get updated until a browser refresh.

Yeah… even opening a new Chrome window, no good. Tried on Edge, no good either.