New at Metabase API

Hello everyone! I'm going to start a project that requires Metabase API, I'm doing it with React Native, and I cannot undestand/find how to make the calls.. I don't understand, sorry if it is a very basic question.

Hey there.

Basically you should check out the documentation of Metabase here :

For me the easiest way was to use API wrappers like this one in Python here and then this one in Ruby here.

Else you could check others related question about the subject on discourse here : How to access Metabase rest API using NodeJS

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Thanks! I'm going to start testing when I get the API KEY, if something happens I'm coming back here haha

Hi, I got everythin working! I want to export the card itself to place it in my app, or the info of it, but the only thing I get are the min, max and avg values. Can I get the latest value or a set of them? Can I export the card itself like an iframe? Thanks