New date filter widget, "is empty" is under the "Exclude" section but is used for inclusion

One of the most common filters we use for dates is the "Is empty" and "Is not empty". These used to be really obvious on the date filter widget but are now a couple of levels deep. Would be great to have them back at the top level.

Also, "Is empty" and "Is not Empty" now appear under the "Exclude" section, but the logic is not negated, i.e. to get the records with an empty date you have to add filter for the date > "Exclude" > "Is empty" which includes the records that are empty. That doesn't make sense to me or to my users.

Sample DB, Metabase v0.43.4:

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

Hi @notrom
You're not doing anything wrong, and I don't disagree with you. The list could probably be revised to make space for other common options. Please open an issue about it.