New descriptions for fields in tables not flowing through

We have metabase connected to dbt, where we populate descriptions for table fields in the .yml files. We expect this to flow through to the data reference/catalogue, and typically it does.

However, recently I went and added descriptions to pre-existing fields that were missed the first time round and they are not flowing through properly; the field descriptions remains blank in the "Data Reference".

The synch has occurred multiple times and still nothing. Is there some additional step required to populate the field descriptions, or known bug that is preventing this from working properly?

Here's a picture of the 'Data Reference' section I'm talking about. You can see the second metric has a description for it, but the first and third don't (red circles). I'm trying to figure out what step is required for the missing descriptions to be populated.


You mentioned that you're using dbt. Are you using it to transform data and drop it into Snowflake or Postgres, then connecting to that? Or you're using a community driver?

Dbt just transforms the data before dropping it into snowflake. Metabase is connecting to snowflake.

I just checked in snowflake and it appears that actually the values aren't appearing there. So it's the dbt --> snowflake connection that's the problem, not the snowflake --> metabase connection.

I think this thread can be closed then since it's not a metabase issue.