New Forum Category?

Any chance we could have an extra category in the forum?
'Other Technology'
Would be nice to be able to discuss other related technologies such as ETL/ELT & Databases that we're using.
For example, I've been using Talend for a few years. The Open Source version has been dropped since the Qlik takeover, so I'd like to understand what others are using (I'm thinking of Apache Hop but not sure if it's widely used or not).

Thanks for the pointer to Apache Hop, hadn't heard of that one before! We've been using a home grown ETL solution which while it's working pretty well I think we've out-grown it.

Have you spent much time yourself with Hop? Any traps you've spotted so far?

I downloaded it yesterday and got a couple of POC pipelines up and running without too much hassle (once I got over the JDBC -> MSSQL hump). Seems very lightweight compared to many of the other options out there.

I'm going to be looking into the metadata injection system (which seems pretty powerful) and figure out options for scheduling.

I've not used it yet. Still on Talend.
Have you found any useful discussion forums for Hop? I'm not sure if it's just one company's pet project or widely used.
The lightweight bit interested me too. Last thing I need is another server application running just to do a scheduled ETL job.

It started life as part of Pentaho Data Integration, which is a name I'm aware of but have never used their stuff, was forked and taken up by Apache.

As for a community I'm not sure, there's a mailing list and a Mattermost but I've got no idea how active those are. The Github shows recent activity from a good number of people.

So far it seems good for my purposes, and the price is right, but I haven't done anything real with it yet. Let me know if you progress it and how you find it, or if you find a good community.