New installed Metabase cannot be connected after windows reboot

NEW installed Metabase cannot be connected after reboot , There is an error “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” on the webpage.

not works on windows 10 and windows server after reboot, but can works just after installation.

port 3000 is not occupied by other apps.

Thank u very much ! plz help me.

Hi @jinwang.du
My first guess is that some firewall is blocking the connection - either the built-in Windows firewall or a third-party firewall.
Are you accessing via http://localhost:3000/ or are you using hostname or a full domain?

Dear flamber,

Windows firewar is closed. And I am accessing via http://localhost:3000/

Thank u very much, I do need your help :slight_smile:

@jinwang.du Maybe something got lost in translation, but is it working now or are you still having problems?

dear flamber,
not working :frowning:

Plz help me

You need to provide more details. How did you install Metabase?
Remember that if you just run Metabase with java -jar metabase.jar then you need to setup a service, which starts Metabase when Windows starts.

I installed Metabase via command: >java -jar D:\metabase.jar

@jinwang.du Have a look at this thread for guide on how to setup a Windows service: Run Metabase as a windows service!

Dear famer,

Thank u very much. I can successfully run Metabase whenever Windows startup.

The reason is that service is shutdown. whenever run visit metabase, I have to run “java -jar metabase.jar” again. Though your answer, I use the tool “nssm”, setup a windows service to run metabase.