New version without resources of old version

Hi guys

I already use the Metabase version Open Source On-premise long time. Now I am trying the version Pro on Cloud to define if will use On-premise or Cloud. However I have an issue related the version of both platforms.

The Open Source on-premise version is v0.43.3 Built on 2022-06-13
The Pro on Cloud version is v1.42.4 Built on 2022-04-07

But seem that some resources of Open Source version there aren't at Pro version.

For exemples:

  1. Type of date filter

The filter widget type of Open Source version is different of Pro version
I have a date filter with widget type **Date Filter **
At Open Source on-premise version show like image below

At Pro Cloud version show like image below

  1. Metabase Menu

Another thing that I notice is the menu.

Open Source on-premise version

Pro on Cloud version

Somebody could help me ?


Hi @tercio.toledo
You should contact support when using Cloud. The forum cannot help you with instance specific questions.

Ok @flamber
Thanks you