No clrear user guide in installing Metabase

Hi all ,
I’m struggling to get a clear user guide how to install Metabase in glpi environment , I would appreciate if someone can help me

Hi @Mouza
Which version of Metabase? Do you see any errors, Metabase log or browser console?

I don’t understand.

Are you trying to install Metabase on the same server/docker as GLPI, and having interference problems?
Are you trying to connect Metabase to GLPI’s database? GLPI uses a MySQL/MariaDB database.

Hi , I have installed Metabase and from Glpi configuration it shows me its connected

then I’m not sure what is next ?


Just so we’re on the same page, you’re talking about ?
And you’ve already setup the database in Metabase as datasource?

Then I don’t understand the problem.
You need to provide a lot more information, since I don’t understand where you’re getting lost.

Have you read the documentation?