No collection rename function (when using non-ascii collection names) [SOLVED]

Maybe it’s a Bug,CollectionButtons.jsx,only archiving and setting permissions are provided.
0.29.3 version source code

You have to select the collection. That gives you the list of questions. The rename collection button then appears top right.

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The picture shows the question list of a collection.

Is it the red box here?

On mine, it’s higher up:

Can you provide the operation steps, please?

From the initial list of collections, select the collection you want to rename.
You’ll then see the list of questions in the collection.
In the top right corner, you should see the options from my earlier post.
Click the Pencil and you can rename.

But, you don’t appear to have the option - can you try a different browser?
I’m on 0.29.3

Just now, I found out the reason.

When I use the English name, the system is normal, as shown in Figure 1:

When I use the Chinese name, the system is wrong, as shown in Figure 2:

eg. collection name “项目管理”

I’m on 0.29.3 too.

Wow :clap::clap::clap: - good work @hztyzhq!

That was a tough one to crack!

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Is this bug planned to be repaired?

It clearly must be fixed as part of official support for “i18n” - internationalization - in a future released version. Can you test if it’s still in the latest master version of the code - I saw a team member was working on the other thing related to zh language you reported.

I think you should report it as a bug on GitHub to make sure the Metabase core team sees it - if it is still there in latest master. (I’m just another user).

I will change the title of this topic to add that it is related to “i18n” and zh language non-ascii collection names use (maybe other languages as well?)

update I think I know what could cause this bug: If you look at the URL shown in the screenshots of your post above for both the english /test_collection and the chinese you see that the code need to handle URLs with multi-byte. (To compare to that: URL for cards/dashboards etc. just use numbers)

A lot of the collection handling is changed in v0.30 - so it could behave completely different! Try it - with master!

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The 0.30rc1 version has supported the Chinese collection name.

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The Metabase team has now officially released v0.30 - it’s got even more bugs fixed than the RC1:

@jornh @tom

I have fixed the bug locally, the code is as follows:
frontend/src/metabase/questions/containers/CollectionPage.jsx line 18
slug: props.params.collectionSlug,
change to
slug: encodeURI(props.params.collectionSlug),

How can I submit these codes?