No fields for table error

We recently added a table named projects. While it does come through in other schemas, it returns an error in our production schema: "No fields for table error".

So far, I've checked the table multiple times and can't seem to find anything wrong. Besides this, querying it through the query builder does work. Only the code-free interface of Metabase is raising this error. While re-syncing the database, I found the following error in the logs:

[043ccae7-e176-4735-8684-a1a5ce43aaa9] 2023-07-10T10:51:12+02:00 INFO metabase.api.table Table 'projects' is now visible. Resyncing.
[043ccae7-e176-4735-8684-a1a5ce43aaa9] 2023-07-10T10:51:13+02:00 WARN metabase.sync.util Error checking if Fields ("date" "field_1" "field_2" "field_3" "date" "field_4" "field_5" "field_6") need to be created or reactivated
clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "idx_uniq_field_table_id_parent_id_name_2col"

This indicates that another date field in the table causes the error. The problem is that there is no such field. When checking the database that holds the Metabase state, there are no fields at all for this table. I am unsure what might be the cause and do not know how to proceed.

Does anyone have tips? I have also tried dropping and re-adding the table again, without success.

I hope someone is able to assist, if there are any questions I will gladly answer them.