No matching clause: 535 5.7.8

I’m setting up email but I keep getting the error “No matching clause: 535 5.7.8”

I know that the Host, Port, Security, Username, Password are correct. I’m using Sparkpost.

Host is
Port is 587
Security is STARTTLS
Username is SMTP_Injection
Password is the API key

Hi @tanner
Which version of Metabase?
Shouldn’t you use TLS as Security instead of STARTTLS?
You should see a bit more details if you look in the Metabase log.

EDIT: A quick search on the error code, seems to suggest that it’s just bad credentials:

I made sure the API key was correct… I’ll generate another one just to see


Metabase Version

Did it used to work with 0.32.x?
Have you tried using the credentials with another program/code on the same machine running Metabase, just to see if all the info works?

I just installed it on heroku. Not sure if it works on the same server, but I have used Sparkpost on other servers and it worked? I’m not sure what I should do to test it further

Okay, so you’ve never used Sparkpost with Metabase before?
And you only have Metabase 0.33.0-RC1?
Do you see any further error details in the Metabase log?