No method in multimethod 'connection-details->spec'

Hi, I'm currently trying to implement a driver for connecting to databricks. I'm using as base the spark driver on metabase 0.42 and this project. I'm able to compile the project but when I try to configure the connection I get:
{:errors {:dbname "No method in multimethod 'connection-details->spec' for dispatch value: :sparksql-databricks"}}

This is how my multimethod looks:

(defmethod sql-jdbc.conn/connection-details->spec :sparksql-databricks
  [_ {:keys [host port db jdbc-flags], :as   opts}]
      {:classname   "metabase.driver.FixedSparkDriver"
       :subprotocol "spark"
       :subname     (str "//" host ":" port "/" db jdbc-flags)}
      (dissoc opts :host :port :jdbc-flags))))

Any suggestions? I tried using metabase 0.41 and 0.42
Thanks in advance!

Hi @mmenjivar
You will need to upgrade the driver, so it can compile without Leining - there has been other changes too:
There's a lot of things that can be learned from looking at other drivers (which are being updated).

Hi, thanks for the quick response, can you redirect me to documentation on what are the changes I need to make to upgrade the project? thanks!

@mmenjivar You would need to do the changes in the driver changelog. And have a look in Metabase x.41.x+ - How to build drivers?
Try searching this forum.