No Result Dashboard still Send Mail


I'm testing dashboard subscription to send mail and I have a question about "Don't send if there aren't result" function.

One of the question in a dashboard has no result with the default filter value of the dashboard.

What I expected was any email should not be sent when I send email with "Don't send if there aren't result" activated, but the email was sent and it includes "No results" question as well.

I want to know how "Don't send if there aren't result" function works, and how to exclude the question has no result in dashboard when sending email or skip sending email.

Hi @daniel.lee

If there are no results in the entire Subscription, then no email is sent.

You should upgrade to Java 11:

Thanks @flamber

I understood that It is required Java 11 with current metabase version(v.0.42.4) and I need to upgrade Java first and test the function.

  1. To make more specific, could I get any helpful reference which shows problem of the function("Don't send if there aren't result") is related to Java version?

  2. just in case, Is there a way to send email except a question which has no result? (instaed of not sending email.)

Java 11 has been our recommendation for a lot more than a year.

  1. Upgrading Java has nothing to do with your question, but it will fix a lot of other problems.
  2. No, currently all questions are included in subscriptions.


It sounds there can be the same problem even after upgrading Java, and there is no other way if the function do not work on Java 11.

I just wonder that no one has faced the same problem, anyway I see there is nothing more I can do except upgrading Java at this point.