No SUM option on VIEW filter

Hi everyone!

I´m trying Metabase(lastest version) but I´m strugling to do a SUM or AVERAGE on a field.
I saw that the manual “Getting started” that there is an option on VIEW option.

My Metabase(in portuguese) only show theses options (no SUM nor AVERAGE)

Can someone help me?


Hi @fredbh

You’re using 0.31.2 ?
Which browser and version are you using? And which OS?

In my Firefox 65, I’ve just changed language to Portuguese (pt) and it looks like this:

Hi !

It turns out that I´ve found what was going on…
All my fields were classified as “Category”.

Then I set them up correctly as numbers,dates and so on… Now metabase shows me a lot of more filter options.

Thanks !