Node JS Application with JWT Tokens

Hello, I’ve just cloned the embedded embedded repo here:

Ive got the node app up and working with the following commands:

npm init
npm install (which installs the libraries)
node index.js (which starts the application up on port 3001 locally)

I then browse to localhost:3001/login

I then just accept the default and continue. The page Im getting has the following error on it, where Im expecting the chart rendered:

Embedding is not enabled for this object.

Im sure there viz im looking for has sharing on it.

Can somebody help me clean this up?


Hi @chrisgauthier74
Which version of Metabase?
Can you go to Metabase (localhost:3000) and double-check the questions/dashboard is shared?
You should be able to see more about the error in Metabase > Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs