Non-stop out of memory errors for more than a month

Hey everyone!

I have been self-hosting metabase since 2019, but only recently have I been overwhelmed with out of memory errors from Metabase.

Currently I run it into AWS ECS on a t3.medium (3.9GB) with Amazon Linux 3, leaving 500MB for the OS and 3.4GB for the Metabase container. We use the official image (metabase/metabase:v0.50.7). Metabase stores its own data on postgres and we configure it with JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx2800m", leaving around 600MB for non-heap memory.

Those seems like very reasonable values to me but I am no expert in such JVM tunning.

We have somewhat "busy" dashboards which render a lot of questions simultaneously, but it crashes with as few as a single user navigating through those dashboards. The backend is a BigQuery warehouse and no significant amount of data is sent as query results, at least nothing out of the ordinary.

The only thing out of the ordinary that I noticed are the huge amount of threads started by Metabase on the clojure-agent-send-off-pool, which should definitely hurt non-heap memory.

Could you guys shed some light into this problem? What is the ideal value for JVM_OPTS? What kind of logs would be useful for me to share?

Thank you very much

We have this problem identified and we’re shipping a new version in the next few days to fix this. Please move to 50.11 and upgrade to newer versions as soon as you can

Hey Luiggi,

Just updated it to 0.50.11, but this version has not yet fixed the OOM errors, right?