Not able to add DB2 driver

Dear all,

in the last versions i was able to add a “db2.clj” (attached file db2.clj to /metabase/driver) to connect to our iSeries.

Now, in the last two versions i’m absolutely not able to connect to the database, because metabase do not use it anymore. I red it, something was changed with the dirvers, but currently i can’t update metabase, because it will not work with the IBM iSeries.

Who can help me?

You need to use convert the driver into the modular, which is being used since 0.32
Drivers are now located in /modules and will automatically extract those drivers to the environment variable MB_PLUGINS_DIR, and read any custom drivers in that path too.

Ok, i saw it. That are all jar files now.
I see, i have to learn Java programming, before i update to the Metabase version.

That means fo me to stay on my old Version till somebody develop a db2 connector, or to find a new Analytics Software :-/