Not Able to download data

Can any one please help me how to come out of this issue .
Even though my row count is more then 2000 , its downloading only 2000 rows in Xlsx/CSV

I am currently in 0.32.5 version

Please help me on this .

That’s a bug, which will be fixed in 0.32.6 - there’s no release date yet, but I think it’s within the next couple of days.

Hello @flamber,

Thanks for the quick reply. If a do a downgrade for that feature , which version will be fine.

I think 0.32.4 works, but then you’ll have issues with the async webserver and a few other fixes that went into 0.32.5
Another option would be to build your own version from the release-0.32.x branch.

Hello @flamber,

 Oh okay . Thanks .