Not able to forward traffic from AWS ALB to Metabase running on AWS Fargate

Hi all, I am been trying to setup metabase as a service on AWS ECS Fargate and serve the metabase to public via AWS ALB.
Note that I have setup the path forwarding rule in our ALB where /app/metabase* will forward to the metabase ecs service.

I also point the LB healthcheck to the correct metabase healthcheck API [/api/health] in the ALB and also have confirmed that the healthcheck endpoint got called via verifying the logs in metabase.

DEBUG middleware.log :: e[32mGET /api/health 200 721.8 ┬Ás (0 DB calls) App DB connections: 1/4 Jetty threads: 3/50 (4 idle, 0 queued) (31 total active threads) Queries in flight: 0 (0 queued)e[0m

However, I failed to access the service via url https://domain-name/app/metabase.
The attempt that I tried to fix this was to configure the environment variables

MB_SITE_URL= "https://domain-name/app/metabase"

However, the attempt does not seem to work.
Hope anyone could give a hand on pointing me what else I miss out.

logs? version?