Not able to select specific columns in "edit metadata" when working with model

  1. Open model and select "Edit metadata" in menu:
  2. Try to select a column (table with more than 30 columns), column content is rather large (link in my case).
  3. Result: This column is not selected, another column selected instead (in my case 1st column)

    4)Consequences: I cannot to change column's name and data type, because I cannot select a column.
  4. Exception: Some columns can be selected, but type of display in "Display as" menu is not changing. I'm clicking on "Link" type, but instead I just get this small notification in the left bottom corner and type is not changing.
  • Your browser and its version: (Chrome Версия 114.0.5735.201 (Официальная сборка), (64 бит))
  • Your operating system: ( Windows 11)
  • The type of database(s) you've connected to Metabase: (Postgres)
  • The version of Metabase you're running: ( You're on version v0.46.4 Built on 2023-05-24)
  • Metabase's internal database type: (H2)

Please upgrade to the latest version and check if this has been fixed

HI @Danila_Nemkov has this been fixed for you? I'm experiencing the same issue here.

I've updated version but the issue is still the same, what info can I give you to help fix that?

You're on version v0.47.8

Built on 2023-11-17

Issue is still present :smiling_face_with_tear:

I opened a bug here: Can't edit metadata for models with several columns · Issue #36364 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Can you test v48-RC1 (only in a dev environment please). We made tons of changes to this section of the product