Not getting login page after upgrade


We have hosted metabase in AWS beanstalk environment, Currently we are on 39.1 version however when we upgrade it to 45.3 am getting setup page not login page

That means something is going wrong with the upgrade ... make sure the upgrade is successful when you upgrade, check the logs for any errors

Beanstalk is healthy after upgrade, am not getting anything any error. Is it a known issue or something you can suggest

Beanstalk might be healthy but you need to check the metabase logs ... Share those logs if possible during the upgrade

Also Share Admin -> Diagnostic Info

Can we have a separate call

We only have calls with customers. If you’re a paid customer please email us at help at Metabase dot com

Hi, After upgrading metabase version from 39 to 45, hosted in AWS Beanstalk, users are not able to login. Also old queries and dashboards are not visible

restore DB to 39, then upgrade to the latest minor version of 39 and start the upgrade to, first v40, then 41, and see which version it breaks

another option: post the logs, if Metabase can't start we need to know why

can we have paid support for 1 day

you can't, you should try to fix the issue that you're facing and then move to the cloud

P.s: I think that you're hitting some error in Beanstalk where the server can't be initialized, so I would suggest you check with someone from infrastructure so they can debug what beanstalk is doing

Hi I have taken backup of H2 database for metabase application version(39), have restored it to new Beanstalk but still users not able to login. It just giving setup page

Beanstalk uses a container inside, so if you upgraded a beanstalk then the container recycled and everything inside was lost. If you have a backup of the H2 DB first you need to move to a production DB and then upgrade

before upgrade, i have taken backup of file and then i have created a new beanstalk infra with same version, then pasted this file and restarted java. Still am getting setup page and can see below -Dlogfile.path=target/log -XX:+CrashOnOutOfMemoryError in process

Beanstalk deploys an EC2 server and inside it, a Docker container that has inside it an H2 file

If you haven't taken the H2 file from INSIDE the container and then you put that file back INSIDE the container then it's like you have a brand new Metabase instance. Please be extremely aware of how Beanstalk works before deploying one, that's why it's super important to deploy a RDS database along Beanstalk or otherwise you'll lose everything you have

before upgrade, i have taken the backup file from the container. then am trying to restore this file in new beanstalk infra with same version, but still getting setup page. As its my production data, so i have to restore only then i can migrate it to RDS Database

i just need to restore data

Insert the db file in the container (our outside), and use environment variables to force Metabase to use the h2 file

have inserted db file and updated below environment variables:

have inserted db file and updated below environment variables:

and restarted java however it stills shows setup page not login
Can you please suggest what else environment variable i need to use

@Luiggi - Can you please suggest