Not seeing pinned Dashboards on home page

I upgraded from 0.24 to 0.30 a few months ago and knew that the ui was quite different. I had problems finding my dashboards and knew that was part of the change but couldn’t understand it and left it for a while. I am finally back and trying to get 0.30 to work they way we need it. I have the dashboards pinned yet they don’t appear on the home page. Under Start Here, it said that if they were pinned they would appear. I 'x’ed out of Start Here hoping that the message was somehow preventing the dashboards from appearing but that wasn’t the case.

I just upgraded to 0.31.2 and changed the settings to hide the x-rays. It seems no matter what I do, I can’t get the dashboards to appear on the home page. I am logged in as the admin so everything should appear.

Here is Our Analytics with the dashboards pinned:

Here is my home page (with xrays hidden):

What am I missing?

Hi @sldorman

Have you tried adding dashboard to “Our analytics” and then pinning them?
Took me a little while to figure that out after upgrading.

Hi @flamber,

How do I do that? Under Our Analytics, I have the Query Tool collection which has the dashboards pinned. I don’t see any way to actually pin them directly under Our Analytics. When I go to Our Analytics, everything is a collection:

Move the dashboard from your “Query Tool” collection to “Our analytics” - and when you go to the page (your screenshot), then you will get the option to pin the dashboard, which then will be shown on the front page.

Thanks for the info @flamber but doesn’t that go against the purpose of the collections? I want the dashboards in the QueryTool collection because that’s where they belong. If I have a different collection with dashboards that also should be shown on the home page, I would still want them to remain in the proper collection. Putting everything under Our Analytics makes the collections useless.

Controlling the permissions via collections seems to have changed as well. I only see Our Analytics in the collection permissions which means I can’t block users from seeing collections I don’t want them to see.

The changes are very confusing and seem to have taken away control of what (and how) the user sees things. Ideally, I want the user to come to a home page with just the dashboards that person should see - no databases or collections. I then want to have all the questions, dashboards and databases organized by purpose (i.e. collections). I’m either missing some major conceptual change or the new version is missing features.

Yes, I totally agree with you, but Collections are completely finished yet.
There’s a couple of issues outstanding in the upcoming version 0.32:

Thanks @flamber, that was helpful and it’s nice to know some of the issues are being addressed.

@flamber would you mind explaining if there is a planned change to this behavior in 0.32? I looked through the issues in that milestone but didn’t see anything about pinning or organizing dashboards in collections.

Looks like it’s this issue - which isn’t currently part of 0.32 milestone:

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OK thanks for the link!