Not sure to use Lock or Editable filter in my Signed Embedded use case

Hi there,

I need to embed a Dashboard in my company's internal portal. The Dashboard has many filters but for simplification purpose let's say it only has one filter i.e., customerRowId which is a primay key column in a customer table.

The portal to embed the Dashboard has a list of customers (with clickable link for each customer), and the portal renders different sets of customers based on the user's data permission configured.

Now, the experience I look to design for the internal users is - when the user clicks a customer's link, the browser opens a new web page that displays the Dashboard and the user can only sees the data regarding the customer clicked; the customer rowId filter widget is not displayed on the page and thus there is no way for user to change customer rowId value.

Should I configure the customer rowId filter as Lock vs Editable? If it is Locked, does that mean I should change the param section within the code snippet in my server code for signed embedding URL generation? If it is Editable, does that mean I need to pass the the customer rowId value to the corresponding parameter name in the embedding URL (with the #hide_parameters = customerRowId to hide the widget)?

Please let me know if I got right.

After some trials in my server code, I figure I should update the param section accordingly for my Locked filter (which is customerRowId), and update the iframeURL section for Editable filters visible and selected by user (e.g., start date, end date).