Nth not supported on this type: Character


I recently updated metabase to the latest version(0.50.10). Since then an error keeps popping everywhere "nth not supported on this type: Character". Did an extensive search and there is no information about the error. Metabase works find, to join the data, add filters, but as soon as I try to summarise the data, the error starts showing.

Thanks for the support.

Hey there,

would you mind sharing a bit more details.

An overview of your data, and also the type of summarisation you are making.


Also getting this error with SQL queries

Running the query executes fine.

When I save and refresh my page (or e.g. add it to a dashboard), I get the "nth not supported on this type: Character" error

Making an edit (e.g. adding a space) and rerunning the query returns results, but again saving and returning produces the above error.

A colleague has just noticed that naming all the columns seems to alleviate the error

For privacy I can't share our query, but let me know if there any other details that would be helpful

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