Number display in each coloum?

I am new to MB, and I was playing around with the visualization of the bar graph, and I don’t see anything in the setting that I can have each column shows the number of their y. Do anyone know how to make that happen?

@YifanZhu7 Sounds like you’re looking for data values, which was added in 0.34.0, but not available if you use stacked bars or multiple series:

Thanks for the respond, I did have a try and look into the documentation I think right now it only works with one series and when I have two axis it will not work.

Yes I would like to see this added as well.
When creating dashboards and the bar graphs are smaller it would be nice to see the number on top or inside the bar depending on the size of the graph.
While at it, it would also be nice to have the Y axis show numbers regardless of size.