Number filter for Sql question

Hi, i recently started to play around with metabase (so far i love it) and i was wondering if there is a way to get the number filter in the native query using field filter variables or in the dashboard?

The documentation mentions that there is no widget to filter numbers, are there other ways that can this be done?
As a workaround i load my saved questions in a simple question to leverage the filter for numbers, but would be awesome if this is achievable through the dashboard and/or the native query interface.

Ive scoured the discussion board and the github issues to see if there is any plan to make it available too but i don’t see anything related, maybe im doing something wrong, any hint?


Thank you

Hi @giannidettonuzzo
Are you trying to be able to have a dropdown, where people can click on a number, or are you looking for a way to have number filter on the dashboard where it would allow the user to also select “Equal”, “Greater”, … ?

Hi @flamber ,
sorry for not being clear, i am looking for the second option, to allow the user to select “Equal”, “greater” and so on, from the dashboard

Again Thank you

@giannidettonuzzo You’re looking for this request: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

wow, thank you @flamber !