Obtaining a commercial license of Metabase


I am wondering who to get in touch with to start a discussion for getting a commercial license of Metabase.
I have sent 2 contact requests through your web site that didn’t get answered.
Can you please get in touch with me?

Thank you,
Salah Kamel
Semarchy, CEO

Hi, Salah. Apologies that you haven’t received a reply. If you’re talking about a white-labeled version, we’ll be kicking off a beta program for this shortly. Here is the sign-up form.

Thanks Maz,

I signed up for the beta white label program. Can I speak to human over the phone?

Thank you,

Hi Maz,

Also signed up and seriously interested in this. We’d like to bring forward an almost production-ready proof of concept for one of our divisions if this was available.




Any update on this? I’ll need to make a decision to either proxy the UI through a rudimentary nginx view decorator or add some of the views to our own app, which i’m a bit reluctant to do at the moment



Hi @maz,

Is there any update about white labelling?