Odd percentage display for graphs in v0.26.1, and also in 0.28

I haven´t seen this so far so I guess its new in v0.26.1.
The percentage display for graphs has a very long tail?

As far as I know I can´t influence what is shown there - is it a bug then?
Cheers, Eva

Hi again,
I test v0.27 now and still have the same issues:

Its weird that it does not seem to be the case all the time, just at some of my graphs.
Thanks, Eva

Hi, now testing v0.28 and still seeing this :frowning:

As there is nothing on github (at least as far as I see) is there nobody else having those issues? It only happens with stacked bar charts and also not for all data, just for some (quite random).
Cheers, Eva

The language settings for german make it very, very precise?! :rofl:

hahahahaha … :laughing: (there aren´t even language settings for German … )

this is still a thing in v0.29.3. am I really the only one having that issue? it only happens with stacked bar charts.