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Hi, is there anything planned to support SharePoint lists as datasource?

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@Olaf_Fischer No, there’s currently no requests for that. I don’t even know what format that is - I would guess it’s some sort REST API, if that’s the case then: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hi, ok, thanks a lot. From Excel it is possible and quite useful, the Connection is listed as

Provider=Microsoft.Office.List.OLEDB.2.0;Data Source="";ApplicationName=Excel;Version=


@Olaf_Fischer Hahaha, yeah, who has created the three systems you’re using; Windows, Excel and SharePoint? :wink:

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I think the solution may be a 4th product from that same company!
SSIS has a SharePoint connector. Use that to export the data to MS SQL or your preferred relational DB.

We are using Solaris, Linux as well…:slight_smile:

thx, i think that would be too much Overhead.
use case is that we are having some lists, e.g. for Incident tickets
and we could display this data on a Dashboard, where we currently use Excel to make it more readable for management

but anyway … beside this :slight_smile: metabase is a really a pleasure to use.

thx for your replies