Open detailed view in separate Tab

By clicking on the ID (configured as entity key) a detailed view of all values of the row with all the columns of the table will be shown. This is in our case a rather time consuming operation and makes it worse if you have to open this multiple times.

Would it be possible to make it optional by a setting to open this view in a separate tab?

Hi @derSSIfranz
I’m not sure I understand the detailed view (Object Detail) problem. Could you explain it in a different way?
You should be able to open in a new tab with the MetaKey, which is the Command on Mac and Windows Key on Windows, but I have neither, so I cannot check right now.

As you can see, I want to open the details, but it is not possible to do this in a new tab.

After testing your input i found out, that this is a firefox issue
Systems tried on:

  • Linux - Firefox FAILS
  • Linux - Chrome WORKS
  • Windows - Firefox FAILS
  • Windows - Chrome WORKS
    With the Windows system we also had the issue, that die Windows start menu opened after releasing the Windows-key

This article has a compatibility list on its bottom, which shows, that the keyword ‘Super’ isn’t compatible with firefox - instead usage of ‘OS’ would be more compatible over the different browsers
To eliminate the issue with the opening Windows start menu it would be better to use non-system specific keys like Ctrl or Shift (also in mind that some people don’t even have a ‘Super’-key :wink: )

Used metabase version: 0.33.6

@derSSIfranz There’s still an issue open on this. My hope is that clickable elements are converted to links instead of relying on pure javascript, since then regular use of CTRL (or Command on Mac) will open in a new tab.
I doubt it will make it into 0.34, but upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:

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