Open Source: Users cannot setup Email Alerts

we use Open Source version (v0.48.3) and according to pricing page they should be able to setup Email Alerts to their team's Slack Channel email. See screenshot.


Two weeks ago, Users were able to set it up.

Unfortunately, today Users can only setup alerts for themselves and can no longer send alerts to other emails. In the screenshot you can see that Users do not have the option for Slack alerts


Instead, Admin can do that.

Is this feature still included in the Open Source version? If yes, why it does not appear?

It has nothing to do with open source or priced version.Only admins can define Slack channel for Alerts, since it's not possible to know which channels the users should be able to see or not.

My post is related to sending Emails, not Slack Alerts.

What do you know about Users setting up Email Alerts?

Yeah that is the behavior for alerts but they should be able to use subscriptions (when they setup a subscription/alert via the dashboard)