Open Source Version Feature

i'm exploring Open Source Alternatives to Power BI. Metabase comes in almost all my searches. Before digging in the technical details of Metabase, I would appreciate if you could help me by answering the following questions:

1- the "developer" tool used to build reports and dashboards is it web-based or desktop based?
if it's webbased, could it be installed on Ubunto Servers?
if it's a desktop based, is it only for windows PCs?

2- Does it support Row level security? same report, different users, each one having access to certain data (by country, by brand, etc.)

3- Does it allow publishing and sharing? publish the report to a certain repository allowing other users to view them in a read only mode, without the possibility to download it nor to modify it.

4- Does it allow automatic scheduling? configuring the report to refresh at a certain frequency

5- Does it allow sending Alerts via emails? for example, when a certain KPI reaches a certain threshold, an email is broadcasted to a list of recipients.

6- Does it allow secure embedding in other web applications? a certain report is being displayed within other web applications.

7- Any other information you may provide would be extremely helpful.


Hi @sassi

  1. Metabase is web-based application and can be installed on any computer that supports Java
  2. There's Sandboxing available in the Pro/Enterprise
  3. Not sure if you are asking for public sharing or just normal permissions
  4. All queries are directly to the database by default, so they are instant and up-to-date. There's and for various caching functionality.
  7. You can likely find the answers to all of your questions simply by looking in documentation or learn articles, or try searching this forum.

Thanks @flamber for your help. I'll certainly read the shared documentation.