Opening (or setting filter) in saved native question behave as if creating a new question


When a user open a native query or set-up the filters in one, sometimes it considers that as a change in the query (New question started from "old question") and no longer as the query already saved.

As we prefer not to allow everyone to create SQL query, they can't charge the data when it's happening (permission denied to run query) and they need to reload everything (with is far from ideal when they were setting up the filters).

A workaround would be to allow to run sql query for everyone but we prefer not to do that if it's possible.

I didn't find a topic about this issue. Is it a bug, or a problem in our use of metabase ? Is it something we can do to avoid this issue except giving sql query permission to everyone ?

a few precisions :
We use metabase 0.41.4 and we often use native query with filters (often 5 or more by question).

Hi @MarionS
If you check the log - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs - and try searching for the error, then you should find, which has been fixed in upcoming 0.42