Option clause for field filter in native SQL parameter

Hi there, people!

Consider the following query, to bee run against the sample database:

  [[,CONCAT(ORDERS.ID, {{id}}) AS optional_column]]
WHERE {{id}}
[[AND id = {{id2}}]]

As the names suggest, one is a field filter (id), and the other is a common number filter (id2). Using the common filter, I’m able to show or suppres that last column if the user selects or not something:

But, when using Field fiter option, that can’t be done:

My sugestion is to make the Field filter work just like the common filter. That would give us users to show columns dinamically, according to the user input, when using also the Field filter, and not only using text / number / date.

I just found this (I THINK he wants the same thing as me):

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