ORA-01878: specified field not found in datetime or interval

hy guys,

I receive that error when i try to filter by date …

Have any idea?

“browser-info”: {
“language”: “en-US”,
“platform”: “Win32”,
“userAgent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.88 Safari/537.36”,
“vendor”: “Google Inc.”
“system-info”: {
“java.runtime.name”: “Java™ SE Runtime Environment”,
“java.runtime.version”: “1.8.0_231-b11”,
“java.vendor”: “Oracle Corporation”,
“java.vendor.url”: “http://java.oracle.com/”,
“java.version”: “1.8.0_231”,
“java.vm.name”: “Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM”,
“java.vm.version”: “25.231-b11”,
“os.name”: “Windows 10”,
“os.version”: “10.0”,
“user.language”: “en”,
“user.timezone”: “America/Sao_Paulo”
“metabase-info”: {
“databases”: [
“hosting-env”: “unknown”,
“application-database”: “mysql”,
“run-mode”: “prod”,
“version”: {
“tag”: “v0.34.0”,
“date”: “2019-12-19”,
“branch”: “release-0.34.x”,
“hash”: “1335215”
“settings”: {
“report-timezone”: “America/Sao_Paulo”

Hi @wsca
Which version of Oracle DB?
Which version of ojdbc8.jar are you using?
Looks like the error has something to do with Daylight Saving Time:

look …

@wsca So you’re using ojdbc8.jar version 19.3 (SHA1: 967c0b1a2d5b1435324de34a9b8018d294f8f47b) ?
Did you use previous versions of Metabase (which version?), where it used to work?
And did you check the stackoverflow question I linked to?

@wsca It would also be helpful if you include the query you’re using and any server logs that show up on the Metabase side when you run the query. I haven’t been able to reproduce this in my environment with a similar date field.